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1. Select an actor

Select the preferred actor. We always do our best to send you a testimonial by the actor of your choice. Being able to choose an actor is a unique service which is not offered anywhere. In case the selected actor is unavailable for whatever reason, we will provide you a video testimonial by another actor.

2. Select the duration

Select the duration of your video testimonial. Your video can be up to three minutes. The price for a one minute testimonial is 75 USD. Each additional minute will cost 25 USD extra. A one minute video is 150 words max.

3. Upload the script

Now this is important. We need you to provide us with a script. Without it, our actors will not know what to say. Our price does not include visiting/researching your website and/or writing a script. So be sure to include a script.

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At we offer natural testimonials to promote your product, service, business or website. These days, people don’t purchase anything without looking for a review or testimonial. Actually hearing and seeing a (previous) customer talk about your products, services or business will increase your credibility and boost your sales! Getting these testimonials naturally can be difficult and nearly impossible if you’re a small or medium sized company.

At you can now BUY testimonials from a variety of actors to promote your business! All you need to do is provide us with a script for each actor and we’ll handle the rest. We have already completed many successful projects and look forward to working with you!

Need other video services?

If you’re looking for other video services such as screen capture video tutorials, website intro videos or promotional videos please contact us for a quote.


Looking for a different type of video by one of our actors? We will be glad to assist you with any type of video work involving one of our actors. Please contact us with your queries by using our contact form. Easter Egg!

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