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Best way to convince customers to buy a product – Buy Testimonials

Best way to convince customers to buy a product – Buy Testimonials

Most starting entrepreneurs face the same problems. They come up with a great idea, they launch a website and at a certain point they’re stuck. 9 out of 10 times, it’s getting customers which is the problem. So what do you do, when you’re convinced that you have a great product, but for some reason you’re not making any sales? Aks yourself this: Are your products visible? Do your customers know that your products do what you claim?

If not, keep reading! If you’re not making any sales, chances are your products are not visible and/or your customers are not sure your product works.

Are your products visible?

Let’s say you’ve got a product which can prevent hairloss. If no-one knows you’re selling these products, well, then simply no-one will buy your products. It’s as simple as that. So you’ll need to get traffic to your website! Think of search engine optimization and/or launching an adwords campaign to get visitors to your website. Also think about getting potential customers to visit your website from a variety of other sources such as twitter, facebook, youtube, ebay and craigslist. Don’t bet all your money on one horse! Now once you’re getting customers to visit your website, you need to actually convince them to buy your product.

How can you convince customers to buy your product?

Especially when there are many similar products, which claim to do the same? The answer is, you need a credible source to convince your potential clients that your products really work. Remember this: You’re NOT a credible source! Of course you’ll say that your products work and that your products are great, but your clients need to hear that from someone else, someone unbiased. A friend, a family member, a friend of a friend, anyone who’s in no way associated with the company selling the product! What you need to convince potential clients are reviews and testimonials. Preferably video testimonials to convince potential clients to buy your products.

Ok, so how do you get your clients to make testimonials for you? To be honest, this can be difficult! In an ideal world we’re all willing to help eachother out, but in the real world most customers, don’t feel like making a video testimonial just to help you out. If you still want to try, you can post a message on your website in which you ask customers to do testimonials. But, let’s face it, most customers have other thing to do. So how can you get testimonials for your product or service? These days, you can BUY TESTIMONIALS! The great thing about this, is that you can decide what potential customers hear about your product and you’re in controle. In my opinion, the best way to convince customers to actually buy your products is to post video testimonials on your website, next to the products you’re trying to sell!

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