Buy Testimonials: Is buying testimonials ethical?

We get asked this question alot, so we though we would talk about it today. So, is buying testimonials ethical? Let’s think about this for a moment. To us a testimonial is none other than a marketing means. As the behavior of customers is changing, a company is expected to change and adapt to that […]

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Best way to convince customers to buy a product – Buy Testimonials

Most starting entrepreneurs face the same problems. They come up with a great idea, they launch a website and at a certain point they’re stuck. 9 out of 10 times, it’s getting customers which is the problem. So what do you do, when you’re convinced that you have a great product, but for some reason […]

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Hi, everyone, my name is Aaron and on behalf of, I will be blogging about marketing techniques, ways to convince potential customers to buy your product and in particular about the value of testimonials! I’ll also blog about interesting questions and comments we often get from (potential) customers. So if there’s something on your […]

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