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Buy Testimonials: Is buying testimonials ethical?

Buy Testimonials: Is buying testimonials ethical?

We get asked this question alot, so we though we would talk about it today. So, is buying testimonials ethical? Let’s think about this for a moment.

To us a testimonial is none other than a marketing means. As the behavior of customers is changing, a company is expected to change and adapt to that new behavior. Let me give you an example: 10 years ago, companies didn’t have a facebook, twitter or youtube page. These days, the opposite is true, because most customers hang out on these social media sites. So as customers behavior change, so do the marketing techniques of companies.

As competition for most products is fierce, these days people look for reviews and (video) testimonials before purchasing anything. Just think of your own behavior before you purchase a product. You’re very interested in hearing what other people have to say about that product. If these testimonials are positive, you’ll probably go out and buy the product. If the testimonials are negative, chances are you’ll let it go by. Why would a company not take advantage of this knowledge? Marketing is what it is. A company is trying to sell its product and in doing so, it has to convince its potential clients that their products are great. So can you really blame a company for adapting to a clients behavior? Isn’t that exactly what a company is expected to do in order to survive?

Now to answer the question: “People rely on testimonials because they are done by real customers. If companies are able to buy testimonials, testimonials are no longer credible.”

You have a point there, but it still doesn’t make buying testimonials unethical and I’ll tell you why. Think of the change in marketing techniques for tv commercials and the increase of the number of famous actors, actresses and singers, promoting a product. Huge companies pay millions to have their product promoted by a credible source and that’s what it’s all about. Is this unethical behavior? No, it isnt. It’s simple adaptation and giving potential customers exactly what they need to hear to buy the product.

As times change and customers behavior changes along with it, we have to accept that Tv commercials, radio commercials, ads in magazines, newspapers ads and testimonials are all marketing means used by companies to boost sales. So to answer the question: “Is buying testimonials ethical?” My answer would be: Yes, buying testimonials is as ethical as using any other marketing means to boost your sales!

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