1. Why should I buy testimonials?

Just think about it. How often do you look for reviews before buying something? We bet, like many, you do that quite often. The chances of making a sale are much higher if your clients are able to hear from a credible and independent source that your product, service or website is great. Not only will testimonials give you a competitive advantage and boost your sales, it will also give you an additional and highly targeted source of traffic, if you upload your testimonials to You Tube as well. Getting testimonials naturally can be very difficult if you’re a small or medium sized company. So why wait and hope for testimonials, if you can take matters into your own hands?

2. How much does it cost?

The prices start at just 75 USD for a 1 minute testimonial. Each additional minute will cost 25 USD extra.

3. How long does it take before I receive my testimonials?

As soon as you’ve paid for your order, we’ll deliver your testimonials within 7 days.

4. What happens if a chosen actor is unavailable?

Only at TestimonialMarket.com are you able to choose an actor. However there are rare occasions in which an actor is temporarily unavailable. In that case we’ll select an actor that resembles the actor you initially chose. For example, If you ordered a testimonial from one of our actresses, for instance a young, Caucasian female and she’s unavailable for whatever reason, we’ll send you a testimonial done by another young, Caucasian actress.

5. What if I’m not satisfied with a testimonial?

You can always contact us and let us know why you’re not satisfied with a testimonial. We will re-shoot the testimonial free of charge!

6. Are there certain products, services or websites you will not promote?

Yes, we do not promote adult, discriminating, racist, illegal or offensive products, services or websites.

7. Can I also order an intro video for my website done by one of your actors?

Sure you can! Just select an actor and send us your script! Not only can you buy testimonials, our actors can basically say anything you want them to say. Just keep in mind that we don’t accept adult, discriminating, racist, illegal or offensive scripts.



Looking for a different type of video by one of our actors? We will be glad to assist you with any type of video work involving one of our actors. Please contact us with your queries by using our contact form. Easter Egg!

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